Fitness Staff

Anthony Holsey
Personal Trainer

Anthony is a Jacksonville native who is passionate about fitness. In 2000 he joined the United States Army and that is where he found his love for fitness as a master fitness trainer is his secondary Mos! For the past thirteen years he has dedicated himself to helping others achieve their fitness goals. Anthony’s method of training is variety, never allowing ones body to adapt! When taking on a client he takes there goals seriously and his mission is to help his clients obtain the results they so desire as safely as possible! His hobbies include: Bodybuilding, reading and watching movies!

Georgeanne Schievink
Personal Trainer

Georgeanne is a Michigan native who has had a lifelong passion for health and fitness. In 2015, she graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelors in Kinesiology and a specialization in health promotion. Her passion for helping others has grown as she has seen clients obtain their goals in not only fitness but in everyday life. She believes healthy movement and mindful eating are key components in living a functional life. Georgeanne has been certified as a health coach through Precision Nutrition and loves to help others change their eating habits for the long haul. The fitness world can be hard to navigate and Georgeanne is here to help others find the path that works for their unique life

Sally Rorer
Personal Trainer

Sally is an Elite Personal Trainer and was a professor at FSCJ (Florida State College at Jacksonville) for 27 years. She is currently semi retired from FSCJ. She holds a Master’s Degree in Health and Physical Education and Dance from the University of Tennesse. Sally has taught first aid, CPR and AED resucitation, personal wellness, strength training, yoga, pilates and aqua aerobics. She worked from 2001-2007, at Naval Station Mayport as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Since 2001 Sally has worked at Timuquana Country Club. Her philosophy: Helping people reach their fitness goals and keeping them injury free.

Sean Watts
Personal Trainer

Sean Watts, a native of Jacksonville, has been a fitness professional for 20 years. His “trainer travels” began at the New York Sports Club in Manhattan. He then became a fixture south of the St Johns River training at Gracor Fitness-San Marco Square; trainer/class instructor University Athletic Club-Southbank Riverwalk; small group trainer Cross Training San Marco, and like a compass, he’s made his way north to Verb! Sean has a true passion for assisting in the life-changing transformations that occur when accurate assessments are given;  proper technique is implemented; and reachable goals are actualized. “Because there is only one ‘you’, I believe in not just showing each client the ‘how’ and ‘what’; but also the often overlooked ‘why’ you are doing what you’re doing…

Robert Serafine
Massage Therapist

My name is Robert Serafine. I am a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, and a certified personal trainer. I believe your body has the ability to heal itself and I find it my duty to facilitate that process. From correcting muscle imbalances to reducing stress to sleep better at night, I am here to help you meet your goals!

Jimmy Simmons
Group Instructor

My name is Jimmy Simmons. I hold an A.S. in Sports Medicine and Exercise Technology from Keiser University and I am currently pursuing my B.S degree as well. I am a United States Army combat veteran and current reservist. I fell in love with fitness while serving on active duty in the Army. I want to help and motivate others to pursue their fitness goals in the most efficient and safest ways possible. My hobbies include: playing video games, watching movies, and working out.

Ashley Thibodeau
Group Instructor

My name is Ashley Thibodeau, I am a recent graduate from UCF with my B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science (Kinesiology) and a background in human performance and psychology. I’ve studied body movement biomechanics, nutrition and metabolism, strength and conditioning concepts, health and wellness, fitness and weight management, human injury mechanisms and prevention, and much more. I plan to continue my studies with goals in mind to become a nurse practitioner; my major goal overall is to share my knowledge of health and wellness and inspire others to always be their best self by putting healthy habits into practice. I’m proud to be a part of the Verb Jax team and I hope to make an impact on the community. I’ll be instructing ab burn outs, spike, and adding my own creative twist. Each day is a new opportunity to to improve yourself, so take it and make the most of it!  

Gym Attendant & Class Instructor

Gym Attendant

Gym Attendant